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Penthouse Pet of the Year Jenna Sativa Sexy Strip Dance.
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Model: Jenna Sativa
Music: All I Need – Valesco
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“Audrey I have a new client for you, should I send her to you?” Audrey sipped her latte as she considered the question. The thirty-five year old brunette was stunning with her long dark hair in a fashionable style and her clear tanned skin.

“What’s she like Rochelle?” Although both were casually seated at their favorite coffee shop, the discussion was serious. Rochelle was slightly below average I height and was just starting to fill out in size, but the red streaks in her blond hair always convinced people that she was ten years younger than her true age of thirty-seven. The two of them had met in high school and had been close ever since.

“She’s forty-two and rich, what more do you need?” Audrey smiled.

“I trust you Rochelle, but I want to be prepared. After all I need to know how to present my business to this woman.” Rochelle laughed for several moments. Audrey would probably have looked around in embarrassment, but years of experience taught her that Rochelle would often laugh with enthusiasm.

“Darling you run a service to connect older women to a young hotties for an evening, if they come to me they are already half sold anyway. All that you really need to present is that you are not a cheap pimp in an alley. And the way you dress when you meet them should make that quite clear.” Audrey smiled and nodded, although still managed to look expectantly at Rochelle. Rochelle gave in and continued speaking. “She has short jet black hair, all of her money is inherited, although not very old, but she does own a shipping company. The company is run by a business manager, so she is rarely in the office. As far as I know she has never married, it’s no secret that she’s been openly gay for years, just no one discusses it. However I have heard nothing about her affairs. She is quite private and her lovers exceedingly discrete.” Audrey finished her latte and set her cup down.

“Tell her to meet me at the usual place tomorrow night, if she can’t make it give her the number and we’ll reschedule.” Rochelle nodded finishing as well.

The following morning saw Audrey groaning as she felt Susan rising from the bed waking her. She struggled to focus her sleepy vision as she watched Susan dress and thought about the first time they had met. Audrey was a fine arts major and Susan was in business, which pretty much summed up their personalities as Susan always seemed so focused, so serious, whereas Audrey was always the free spirit. From the moment they met they seemed to disagree about everything, from politics to their favorite animal, Audrey said unicorn and Susan said cat. Susan insisted that a unicorn was fiction and Audrey didn’t care. They even debated over being “out” or not. Audrey didn’t care who knew about her orientation, while Susan felt it was no one’s business, but she never lied about it. However it was a love of Pat Benatar (both the music and an attraction to the artist herself) that made them realize that a relationship was possible. The CD player in the bedroom still had Innamorata in it ready to go and Audrey’s phone had “Fire and Ice” as the ringtone for Susan and on Susan’s hers was “Hit Me with Your Best Shot”. Audrey reluctantly rose from her bed to dress for the day. It was nearly nine, her shop was supposed to open at ten so she needed to get ready soon in order to prepare for the day. When she reached the kitchen Susan was just about to leave when she saw Audrey.

“Oh, sorry baby did I wake you?” Audrey shook her head and embraced Susan to pull her in to kiss her good bye. They did this every morning, Audrey always denying that Susan woke her up and Susan knowing full well she had. Audrey reached up to Susan’s breast and began kissing down her neck to her collarbone, but Susan stopped her.

“Audrey, no I have to get to work.” Audrey however was determined and reached inside Susan’s jacket for a better feel.

Audrey entered the Glass Slipper, her assistant Gwen was double checking that everything was in its place and that the shop looked immaculate. Gwen looked up from straightening a dress when she heard Audrey’s approach.

Do you remember The Man Show? Oh, what a different time that was. My favorite segment was always the end where girls jumped on trampolines. Well, enjoy these hot models doing just that! Follow them in IG. Links below.

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Fashion field and their dependence with whatever clothing they could find, or having to make their own clothes such as plus size swimwear. Nowadays, large women want to look good and feel good in ready-made clothes; as a part of fashion industry, plus size clothing becomes popular for many women in all age groups. They too wish to make their style statement and it is heart warming to see real women doing catwalk in some real size fashion shows around the world in plus size swimwear or plus size dresses every year. Fashion place store

Today plus size women don’t have to sneak to a plus size fashion counter at the end of a mall or shopping center.

More than the color of the fabric or clothing, it is the designs that accentuate plus size figures. A good style in long sleeves or short sleeves top will slim down the top section; a flattering plus size swimwear like one-piece swimming dress with flowing skirt to camouflage big tummy and deep V neck which accentuates the ample bosom.

There are different plus size body shapes but the majority of them are pear shapes with bigger waistline and hips, as compared to smaller upper bodies. This is most commonly found amongst large women; an A-line swimming dress (in plus size swimwear range) with empire waist to enhance the top and conceal the width of the hips would be ideal for this body shape.

The second most common shape (for plus size women) is apple shape. Apple-shaped women are fuller around the top and the middle including their belly. They’re usually larger-busted and their upper arms and shoulders are broader, their legs tend to be slim and their bottoms tend to be flat, in that case they should emphasize their bust and legs while camouflaging their midsection, keeping it all in balance. The main idea is to draw the eye toward the best parts of their bodies; they should wear garments (tops, dresses, plus size swimwear in one-piece or two-piece) which accentuate their bust and which show off their great legs.
Since the plus size fashion (including plus size swimwear) becomes popular beside the revolution of online selling, full-figured women do not even need to go to brick-and-mortal shops to buy their clothes; instead, they can shop and try on the garments at their own homes with the goods delivered to their doors.
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Playboy Playmate Amanda Cerny | On the Sets of Playboy | Behind the Scenes | Photoshoot

Actress : Amanda Cerny