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Tasha Reign wants you to do what’s right and #PayForYourPorn.

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LOS ANGELES — Several adult film stars in California are campaigning against Proposition 60, a bill that would require all male adult performers to wear condoms on film sets.

Proposition 60 will be voted on during the November 8 election. In addition to condoms, signs indicating the mandatory use of condoms would also have to be placed on set. erotica producers will also have to pay for the actors’ STI tests and vaccinations, and they will also have to obtain a license to make their films.

Tasha Reign has been making the rounds at university campuses to tell voters how the bill will impact the actors and the industry as a whole. She’s against it because she feels actors shouldn’t be forced to put things in their bodies. Tasha says condoms can cause painful and uncomfortable rashes which can lead to health risks like yeast and bacterial infections.

Tasha Reign worries if the bill is passed, all these changes may push adult film production out of California, which would cost the state millions in losses.

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Tasha Reign speaks live at Chapman University, in California regarding porn, sex, relationships, life experiences and more. Hear her take on why adult film is inspiring and empowering and why it can also not be. A mix of emotion and her feelings about the world is here for you to listen to!